I am an experienced B2B sales professional and Small Business Owner with a boundless background. I specialize in building relationships and partnering with cutting-edge companies to provide staffing services within the Technology sector. I enjoy the business networks and finding ways to help support those we can or connect them to others in need of their help.

I started my career in the virtual world as a freelance copy editor for a couple different publishing companies. A few of the authors I worked with asked if I could do some other projects for them, and slowly birthed Quick Business Resolutions. I discovered a passion for helping small business owners succeed in the online world. By lending my help to small business owners, they could focus their efforts where they were needed most… running their business!

Since the beginning of QBR, my passion has been helping small business owners discover their passion and build bigger dreams. With a team to back and support me, I could make this a reality. I have been able to focus on consulting with these small business owners to show them what it takes and develop what they never thought was possible.