I joined the QBR team in the summer of 2019 when they moved into their new office. I'm glad to be a part of the team and love living the office life 24/7. Staying here rent-free is pretty sweet, too. Out of all the cat resumes at SCRAPS (the local human society), I'm honored they selected me.

I spend the majority of the day supporting the QBR team, stretching out across their desks as I supervise their work. I know the team highly values time and efficiency, so I fly through the halls offering my expertise wherever it's needed. Sometimes when I'm feeling extra generous I try to do their work for them, but they often kick me off of the keyboard before I'm done.

In my spare time, I enjoy waiting in my perch by the front door, greeting any new clients or friends like the mail-lady.

When the team leaves for the night, my security work is just beginning. I patrol the halls and watch every door and window for anything out of the ordinary. I also take great pride in keeping the office pest-free.