Codi Quick

I have a bachelors degree with a double major in Business Administration and Communications, but I will be honest, that isn't the education that has taught me the most. Mostly because I am a complete nerd and enjoy learning, I keep adding to my education regularly and have many certifications in digital marketing and related areas.

I started my career in the virtual world as a freelance copy editor multiple publishing companies, cause you know one wasn't enough. While working with authors, I discovered my passion for helping small business owners succeed in the online world. By lending my help to small business owners, they could focus their efforts where they were needed most . . .  running their business!

I started my virtual assistant agency (QBR) by watching so many small businesses owners need better help to pursue and reach the dreams of their business. I have spent years researching best practices and created systems and procedures to have an amazing team. Outsourcing and delegating is part of business and procedures that has to be learned. I wanted to simplify processes for business owners and give them a true team and “one-stop shop” to be able to get more of their to-do lists done with more success and less stress. 

Since the beginning of QBR, my passion has been helping small business owners and entrepreneurs focus on their passion and gifts. With a team behind me, we could offer more services and support. Now, I get to spend more of my time consulting with these small business owners and let my team shine managing the day-to-day, cause they are pretty spectacular.