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What is it Like
Working With Us?

What Makes Us Different?

We are not your run-of-the-mill VA agency or marketing firm. We do things a little differently around here, and it is something we take great pride in. Where more agencies work completely remote, most of our team is always in house, under one roof that we own, and the team is actual employees instead of contractors. 

Sure, that is a bit odd in this day and age, and where all of our clients are remote, but it makes a difference in how we serve our clients.

The Virtual Assistant Agency
that is P.I.G.G. Powered



This is the motivation and drive behind everything that is QBR. It is why we love serving the audience and people we serve. We aren’t looking for just anyone to partner with. Our clients have passion. Codi started the business because of her passion. That passion all of drives to keep going and do what we are good at and bring a little bit of awesome to the world. Our clients have something special to share. We love being able to help them focus on what they are good at and, we do the rest. 



QBR believes in holding ourselves and others to honest, high moral standards. No, we aren’t up on some high horse, but we believe in doing right by each other. We treat our employees and our clients with high integrity and want to work with those who do the same for their customers and audiences. 



You know that little “something” about certain people that you can’t always describe what it is about them. They aren’t necessarily flashy and maybe could easily blend in. They are humble, yet you can always depend on them. They get things done and do right by you. They are resilient and conscientious. They have that drive and are in it for the long haul, just always consistent and there. Well, that little something is grit, and it will take you a long way. Entrepreneurship is hard. It can be lonely. You can have your highest highs and lowest lows in the same day.  And tomorrow, you are going to get back up and do it all again because it is part of who you are. It is part of us too, and we are here to support you through it.



Because, well, this world can never have enough of it. We all need to give and receive grace, whether interacting personally or professionally with one another. We are all human, and none of us are going to be perfect. There is so much to learn still, and a little good will never did anyone any harm. Go ahead—give it a try!