Customer service outsourcing can get a bad name when people picture large, crowded call centers in a foreign country that are too far disconnected from the company’s audience to be truly invested. Outsourced support doesn’t have to mean super cheap, script-driven centers.

There is a human behind every product and how you treat them can make or break your brand. QBR will always treat customers on the other end of an email with respect and a personalized touch. We use guidelines set by you for responses and refund policies, but know there are times where a human touch makes a difference.

Customer service is the most direct contact with the customer and should be used as the pulse of the company. When customer service is done right, it is part of your strategy and not an afterthought. This allows us to be proactive and create a great experience versus reactive to something that went wrong.

It is simple math; as your product, course, or membership gains more customers, there will inevitably be a larger number of customer inquiries.  These emails can weigh you down and distract you from the areas of your business that your personal attention is most needed.


You never have to worry about answering a customer service email again. QBR can keep you and your team updated with what is happening in your inboxes, and you will never be too disconnected from knowing what is happening.

Our team is trained in technology, digital marketing, and other aspects of online business, specifically courses and memberships, so we can quickly recognize and fix basic issues. The team will report anything they see that is consistent or something you want to address so you can better serve customer going forward and proactively address their questions in their customer journey. We partner with you to make the best experience possible for your customers while letting you stay focused on the tasks only you can do.  


We have everything outlined and organized with monthly reporting, ticket systems, tags, and open lines of communication. We'll document what works and what does not. And, we'll keep it all organized with tags, tickets, and open lines of communication. Whatever is best for you, we can adjust our workflow or help you set up a system if it's you don't already have one in place.

The faster and more accurately customers are helped, on the first time they reach out, the happier the customers will be. Happy customers are more likely to make a purchase or recommend your business. It is that simple; customer service should be designed as a competitive edge – making your company easier to deal with than your competition.


The role of customer service is not a simple role. There are many complexities to how your company interacts with its customers. A customer service representative must be prepared to answer questions involved in all different aspects of your business and your product. This includes the big and small details from billing, technical support, product details, sales questions, general questions, and more.

Our team is trained to work with you to make sure we are fully understanding your product and customer. If there is ever a question we don’t know how to answer, we reach out to get your input and add it your knowledge base for your account, so we can help faster the next time.

  • Email is still the most popular method of problem resolution. We can work with your ticket-based help desk no matter what platform you use. (We can recommend our favorites!)
  • Live chat response is available as needed and we can work to with you to implement it in the best way for your business.
  • Monthly reporting delivered with basic analytics as well as human insights to make your customers experience better.
  • Bug tracking-we monitor any issues reported to us and either fix them or report them to your development team. We will keep you in the loop and make sure bugs are fixed quickly.
  • The goal of business is to make money, so we will make sure we are always looking for ways to make a sell or upsell a customer when the opportunity is there.
  • We are happy to jump on call with your team and help work through strategy and how new ideas or marketing with impact customer service.


Customer Service Testimonial


"Having QBR has been the best decision I've ever made with my business. Everyday I'm grateful for having this huge task off my hands. I wouldn't be able to function as a growing business without it. I'm now able to focus on the content and my future plans for my business by not having to do customer service work, which is a major part of any business."

Kamilah Stevenson Healthy and Better

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