Cross-Channel Marketing

From time to time, it can be difficult to reach consumers. There is so much content and so many platforms we all use every day. Today’s consumers move seamlessly and fully expect you to be there with them, providing a truly integrated experience.  This is where cross-channeling marketing comes in to play. What is cross-channel marketing you ask? The answer is simple: cross-channel marketing is a strategy that helps brands and businesses reach out to prospective and current customers in new and powerful ways.

The Breakdown of Cross-Channeling Marketing:

Today’s consumers are more connected than ever before, constantly checking emails, social media apps, and even interacting online via voice technology. Cross-Channel Marketing is a practice that integrates the use of all available channels and devices to connect and engage with customers in a flexible and unique way-not separated into individual channels as was the case with previous marketing strategies.

A cross-channeling marketing example is a user is browsing for a product on your website but doesn’t go on to purchasing it; you can use cross-channel marketing to remarket the product the potential customer looked at in another medium.  Think about it. How many times did that cool t-shirt you were looking at pop up in your Facebook news feed? This can include advertisements on another web page or through email campaigns, leading the consumer back to the product.

You want to have marketing material that can easily translate from one channel to another. For example, you can write a blog post that would be equally compelling as a Facebook update, or produce a YouTube video that also plays well as an audio podcast. By embedding such digital strategies end-to-end, we can build a better connection.


What you want is for people to engage with your content no matter what platform they’re viewing it on. This may require persistence, and there will most likely be some trial and error involved. At Quick Business Resolutions, we believe that making branding your bigger objective across channels will allow more exposure consumers get to your brand across the board. Cross marketing will allow overall higher conversions.

What does “cross-channel” mean to you? How have you expanded your own marketing horizons?

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