Five Organizational Tools to Decrease Workplace Stress

Are you feeling like your team is not as organized as you would like them to be? Are there pieces missing or not sure who is in charge of what? These five organizational tools you will help you and your team become organized work on the same page and more efficiently.


Ditch the pen and paper and move your to-do list into Asana. This site allows you to create your project checklist, assign pieces of the project to your colleagues with due dates, and see when they have marked it complete. This is helpful when organizing tasks that need to be completed once a week; tasks can be set to repeat, making it so you don’t have to put in the work to remember it. If you are working away from the office for a day but want to stay in the loop on what’s happening with each project, Asana has an app! Here’s the best part, it’s free (there are more features in the paid version)!


In the theme of ditching the pen and paper, let’s move all our credit card and login information too! LastPass secures your information and leaves you with just one master password to remember. You can share the information with your colleagues or keep it private. Never waste time searching for your passwords again! Use the free version, or upgrade to the paid versions for teams.


Let’s say Linda has been working on a client project that’s due today, but she just called in sick and you have no idea where she was at and what has been sent to the client. Avoid situations like this with HelpScout, an e-mail help desk that allows you to see what e-mails have come in and out. Making it easier to know exactly what has been sent to the client and where to pick up. HelpScout also allows you to assign e-mails to each person and leave them notes. There are three affordable packages to choose from; Basic, Standard, and Plus. Then stay in the loop from home with the app!


Well, now you know where Linda is in the project, but all the related documents are saved somewhere on her computer. Instead of digging through her files, put everything in Dropbox so everyone can access the documents. No more sending files back and forth and ending up with multiple copies with different edits. Make all files collaborative with three different packages; Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise.


Finally, what’s better than telling someone how to do something? Showing them! Zoom allows you to screen share and even take over someone else’s computer. Maybe you’re not both available at the same time, no problem! Record your screen so they can learn from it later. Don’t worry about showing each person individually either, they can all watch from the same zoom link. No more gathering everyone into one room with all their printed papers. Now you can have a team meeting and present the needed information from the comfort of your office. Start with a free package of choosing one of their monthly plans.


With these organizational tools, the whole team is more efficient. QBR recommends using Zoom first to show everyone on the team how each program will save them time and stress!

Ready? Set. Go!

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