Five Things You Can Do to Relate More to Your Audience

Relating to your audience while trying to present your business offer can be one of the most challenging things. Why?

Over time we have become increasingly desensitized to companies and individuals trying to sell us something. For businesses, retaining loyal customers has become more about the relationship you build with them before making your offer. 

Creating this relationship with your target market starts by knowing who you are targeting and progresses to finding how to relate with them on your most authentic level. We want to give you five things you can do to relate more to your audience.

1. Be Real About Your Business

It can seem easier to make posts that sound super promotional because we all know what that writing method looks like.

However, that may be different from what speaks to your audience. The super promotional tone can come off impersonal and unrelatable.

Instead, state your target audience's problem as if you have experienced it yourself.

A group of tiles with letters on them. The are arranged to read "REAL IS RARE"

This allows you to relate to them and let them know you understand. Then end your caption with a subtle nod to your business as a solution. Another way to promote your business without being over-promotional by using testimonials to promote your offerings.

When your audience reads a testimonial, it speaks to them in a similar way that word of mouth would. Your audience hears about your product or service from someone outside of your business who has benefited from it. 

Your audience is more likely to trust a recommendation from someone outside the business than from someone inside. Because they know the person inside the company is looking to benefit from their purchase rather than being as raw and honest as possible.

2. Show Off the Inside of Your Business

Creating a healthy and lasting relationship in any sense is about trust. This is the same for business.

Social media platforms become your dating app in the understanding of how people digitally form relationships. A post that gets no engagement does not connect to the market you are talking to.

A person who messages someone else with a pickup line may not respond due to their disinterest in fostering further communication with the other person.

Use your posts to build a personal relationship with your audience.

Start by telling them about yourself, showing them around your business, giving insight into your business, asking them what they want to know about you, and then responding.

3. Ask Questions

By asking your audience questions, you show them that you care about their opinion. These questions can be only partially relevant to your product or service.

Remember, your goal is to build a relationship with them and get to know your audience. 

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The more you know them and their interests, the better you can tailor your product or service to meet their needs and solve the problem your business is meant to solve.

4. Create Images Worth Saving

For some platforms, such as Instagram or Pinterest, an image must be a part of your post. When creating these images or videos, create something worth saving.

If you plan to use text in your vision, keep it strong, simple, and relatable to their lives rather than to your business.  

Your business will live on this image in your brand colors, fonts, and your logo so that when they look, this image will continually connect it to your brand even know they may be applying the text on the image to something else in your life.

5. Respond to Your Audience

The most important thing is to ensure you respond to every comment or post about your company or offer.

Again, if we relate this to building a personal relationship from person to person, you would not want to continue communicating with someone who never responds or responds after days.

A long exposure red heart drawn n front of a figure next to a campfire at sunset.

To stay on top of this, you must create a schedule for yourself around when and what time you post.

If you are scheduling your posts in advance, be sure you are checking social an hour after the scheduled time of posting and be sure to recheck it before your day is done to be sure you’re responding to anyone who is commenting.

Social media is ever-changing and ever-growing. While there are algorithms to grow your reach, you are still reaching potential buyers for your niche product or service.

You must continually test new strategies, track what works and doesn’t, and continue shifting your system. Our world is moving more digitally every day and learning to communicate and create emphasis for yourself and your business is essential.