Free Ways to Promote Your Event

The first step toward hosting a stellar event is creating a stellar marketing strategy. And this strategy should include several no-cost tactics. These free methods of event promotion can improve the range, effectiveness, and strength of your strategy, with the added benefit of no extra costs!


  1. Add event to email signatures. You send multiple emails a day; why not include an event teaser? Add a brief description of the event to your email signature, and encourage your employees to do so as well.
  2. Post the event to community calendars. Local news stations usually include a calendar of events on their website. You can upload your event’s information for free and in a few seconds.
  3. Add the event to your website. This tactic is often overlooked. Place event details on your website in a place where visitors can easily see, like on the homepage or a tab.
  4. Email your target audience a flyer. It’s the modern day version of posting a flyer in a coffee shop. Send out an event flyer to those on your list who will be intrigued by your event.
  5. Get a guest blog post. If your event involves anyone outside of your organization, ask them to write a blog post. Sponsors can write about why they chose this event, such as wanting to help find a cure for a disease by sponsoring a fundraiser. Speakers can write about why others should be passionate about the topic and give a fun teaser of what attendees will hear. Performers can share snippets of past shows to get people excited, or do a behind the scenes interview.
  6. Write related blog posts. If you’re hosting a networking event, write a post about networking conversation starters that will get you remembered and include your event details at the bottom. If your event is a 5K, write a post about endurance workout training hacks and present your event as a goal to be working towards. You can also turn each tip into a Pinterest graphic and make a board with all the tips. Each pin can link back to the blog, which will direct people to event registration.
  7. Write a press release. If your event is newsworthy, tell the media. A news story about the upcoming event is valuable promotion material.
  8. Make a Facebook event. Why does Facebook allow you to see who is planning on going to the event? Because the Facebook team knows the power of social proof. When people see a large number of individuals are planning on attending an event, it makes them more likely to attend. Much more so if their friends are going. Create a Facebook event and provide an avenue for attendees to subtly influence others to join.
  9. Change social media cover photos. When the event gets closer, design a cover photo that promotes the event. It’s another avenue to remind your target audience of the event, and that they would love to attend.
  10. Mention the event in social media bios. Similar to the email signature, slip in a sentence or two about the event.
  11. Tag partners in social media posts. When you post about the event, be sure to tag any sponsors, speakers, or performers. They may share the post, helping a new audience of potential attendees hear about the event.

Creating a marketing strategy for an event is crucial to pulling off a successful event. If you want to implement these strategies, but lack the time or experience to do them well, Quick Business Resolutions is here for you! We’d love to help you promote your event, and handle any other business building tasks you’ve got. Shoot us an email or give us a call today.