90 Days to an Online Business: You Can Do It

Are you looking for a way to take your passion and abilities to help more people? I know I was! But I didn’t know where to start; I had a ton of questions about what I did and didn’t need. Hiring a website developer or a virtual assistant was out of my price range, and I really just wanted to start seeing results fast.

I listened to many of the marketing “gurus” and took all the courses. I spent a ton of money to learn the theories and the to-dos, but nothing about how to actually DO IT. I needed to quit learning more strategies and start implementing them. Tens of thousands of dollars later, I didn’t have anything that would give me the step-by-step to get it done and hold me accountable to take those first steps.

Sound familiar?

If you are ready to start taking action, commit to making it happen, and are willing to put in the work needed, I have the tool for you. This isn’t another course. Yes, I have teaching modules, but not like what you’re used to. We will teach you how to do it, and then we are there to support you with calls and Q&A that is answered personally for you. The teaching offers you the clarity to take your idea and make a plan, build your idea to start selling online, and grow your idea into a successful online business. But that is just a small part of it. You can now get all of the teaching details with the support of me as well as my team.

DIY Online Business

Before when it came to building your online business, you had two options. You could hire someone to help you design and build the business for you, which is costly and time-intense, or you could do it yourself, where you had to learn all the tech, the strategies, and have no support. After ten years of watching people choose one way or the other, I finally came up with something that is much more doable and sustainable for entrepreneurs just starting online. We have our done-with-you version. It is DIYer in you who isn’t sure you can afford a VA, but could really use some guidance along the way.

Hiring an expert to build the business for you can sound like the more comfortable option at first, and for some it is great, but the truth is, not everyone can afford it to get started. Once you finally decide who you want to hire, you need to match schedules to set up a call, communicate what you want (which can be a lot harder than you may realize,) then track and manage what this person is doing for you. On top of the time you put into this, you will also be spending anywhere between $50 - $175 an hour for the work this expert is doing.  Right now, you may have more time than money until you get the project going.

If you go with the done-with-you option, you will get to start taking action right away! No hiring, no waiting for a call, no trying to communicate your vision. You can start building right away, tweak each step until it fits what you are trying to build, gain knowledge that will allow you to understand the inner workings of your business better as you continue to grow, and save a little money in the long run. While building your own business from the ground up sounds amazing, let’s talk about what will be needed of you to make sure this course is successful for you.

Do I have the time to commit?

You need to make sure you have the time required to invest in your business. This course is for people who are ready and willing to learn as much as they can from the course and actually implement it into their business. This could mean some late nights working and weekends depending on what your schedule already looks like. Many people start this journey while they are still working to make sure there is no gap in income.

Do I have the money needed?

This investment is how you are going to get where you can make money online. We will set you up with the basic structure and systems and work with you as you do it all. You will have access to me personally as well as my team to work through strategy and tech. The money saved will come from not needing to hire an expert and not needing to redo the work you already did before you knew what you were doing. Every new venture in your business is an investment. You want to make sure each investment is headed in the direction you want to take your business. If you want to get your business up and going online, be held accountable for it, and be able to run it yourself, then this is an investment worth it.

Am I mentally ready to get started?

When considering getting started, there is a third aspect you need to think about that many people overlook. The investment of your time and your money can be stressful and wear on you mentally. Many people looking in from the outside just see the great things about being a business owner. You get to be your own boss and set your own schedule. However, they don’t see if you literally work all the time, your work-life balance is a constant struggle. I want you to focus on building a business that serves you instead of the other way around. We can work to make it where you are helping more people in one setting versus always focused on custom one-on-one work.

If you are a passionate entrepreneur who is ready to dig deep, get shit done, and start giving this business your all, I can’t wait to spend the next 90 days with you. We are excited to move you forward in the process, and in the coming days, we will have a call to get you started in the course. If you have not already scheduled your call, click here to get it on the calendar.

Talk soon!

Ready to start selling online?