What Really Happens To Your Business When You Hire a VA?

We are so glad to hear your business is growing, and the workload is becoming too much to handle. This means you are ready to expand, and your team needs to develop also! A virtual assistant is a great way to outsource your everyday tasks or tasks may not have the right skillset for. But what really happens when you hire a VA?

You either hear the great success stories of VAs supporting businesses or the horror stories of the experience being a complete disaster. And as usual, the truth probably lies somewhere in between those two extremes. Hiring a VA will change the way your business works, and the best news is that you have all the control of what that looks like.

Having a successful relationship with your VA means an ongoing conversation about the expectations you have for one another. Many believe the day they outsource or even in the first month, their revenue will start skyrocketing. We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this is not generally the case. Your business’s success always lies in your hands, even after you have trained your VA in the tasks you have them help you with. But this is where the key is to scale your business. Giving a VA tasks you don’t personally have to do frees up your time to start finding ways to improve and scale your business. You are getting more accomplished and more is getting done, if you are using the time to build your business.

A VA Will Save You Time 

A significant value proposition that VA businesses offer to their customers is that they can save you time and money. This is likely true if you look at it with the right lens. But there is an upfront time investment. Like any new member you make part of your business, you have to train them and teach them. They may have experience in your industry, but each business is unique in its policies and processes. To have a successful working relationship with your VA, you must train them properly. This ensures that you know their work will meet or exceed your expectations when you do allow them space to accomplish their tasks independently.

Your VA is here to support your ideas, but as the business owner you should ideas and a general direction you want to go. Sure, your VA can bring ideas and help, but we are here to help build your vision, not create it for you. You also get to approve your VA’s work and make sure it is meeting the standard of your business. If you become less responsive to your VA, nothing can get your support, which means that having a VA may just be taking you more time. However, if you train your VA well, the approval process goes much quicker because their work accurately emulates your business and its message.

A VA Can Save or Make You Money

They say time is money, so if you are eventually getting time back on tasks, where are you putting that time that makes you money? When you are bogged down with daily tasks in the daily running your business aspect of your business, you become disconnected from the customer base you are trying to reach. Using a VA  to do tasks you used to allows you to invest that time in other tasks and areas of your business. This is what will enable you to grow exponentially. A VA likely isn’t doing a revenue generating task. We take tasks off your plate so you can reinvest that time into the tasks that need your personal touch most. You are the face of your business and the one who should be focused on money-generating tasks.

ROI From a VA 

Maybe hiring a VA is not about the money for you. Many people hire a VA to take away their stress and overwhelm, so they have the time to prioritize another aspect of their life, such as their friends or family. Good for you! As long as you know that the time you now have to spend with your friends and family is the return on investment you are receiving from hiring a VA. It is a great gift and often needed when you are running a business, so go ahead and bask in the glory of someone else doing things for you.

You Get A Partner 

As a business owner, you are often alone in growing your business. You wear a lot of hats, and you manage almost every aspect of your business. Your VA is here to be a sounding board for you. They can offer a second opinion and challenge you to make your business better or more accessible. They help you make the ideas you have better. This can be gold to an entrepreneur or business owner because if you want everything to be perfect, our VA can offer feedback. You get a built-in cheerleader to celebrate the small wins and the big wins. They are invested in your success. This can keep you hungry for success.

So what really happens to your business when you hire a VA is up to you! The more time you invest in your relationship with your virtual assistant, the more time you are going to get back. Stay involved and stay motivated, and that is when you will see the most out of the relationship. Our VAs are here to help you find the success path that lies within your business.