Business Benefits to an Employee Volunteer Project

When your company gives back, you gain. A lot.

Sure, hosting an employee volunteer project takes a little time to coordinate and execute. But the benefits far outweigh the costs. Check out these six ways an employee volunteer program can help your business below.

Business Benefits Employee Volunteer Project

1. Reduce Employee Turnover

Every employee who leaves an organization costs on average $15,000. For many, the reasons for leaving involve a feeling of disconnect from the boss, fellow employees, or the organization itself. Employee volunteer programs address these problems head on. Studies show that employer-sponsored volunteer projects can increase employees’ attitudes toward their company, increase job satisfaction, increase positive word of mouth among employees about the company, and increase retention rates.

2. Develop Employee Skills

Employee volunteer programs allow employees to apply valuable skills in a new context. Communication, leadership, organizational, and problem-solving skills can all be practiced in a volunteer project.

3. Make Networking Connections

When you volunteer, you make connections with the staff at the given organization. Non-profits can be incredibly connected within their community. Who knows what doors will open for your organization by nurturing these relationships.

4. Attract Younger Employees

Millennials are passionate about engaging with their community-even willing to give up 14% of their expected income if it means they can work at a socially responsible company. Hosting employee volunteer projects shows your company’s dedication to being socially responsible.

5. Strengthen Employee Relationships

Employee volunteer programs allow your workers to connect outside of work and tackle a problem together, which can help build relationships (in fact, 64% of employees report volunteering with coworkers improved their relationships).

6. Improved Public Relations

One big factor in a company’s image is its corporate citizenship. Employee volunteer programs can build brand awareness, trust, and loyalty among customers.

The type of employee volunteer program you’ll do depends on several factors: the needs of your community, the resources of your organization (time, money, both), the scope of your resources, the passions of your employees, and so on. Regardless of what project you choose, the employee volunteer program holds huge potential for benefiting your business (so much so that it should be a part of you yearly business goal plan). Don’t let misconceptions of the costs associated with employee volunteer program keep your organization from getting involved. The reality is, your company gains more than it will lose in volunteer time and donations. Even better, your business will be playing an active role in improving your community!