Totally Unfiltered Client Reviews

Elizabeth Doherty Thomas


You cannot go wrong hiring Codi and her team. I use them extensively and my business life got so much better the moment I did! I feel free to have a business, not in the thick of it. I trust her with my entire operation, which is about as good a testimonial as I can give anyone.

Elizabeth Doherty Thomas Cofounder, Doherty Relationship Institute

“We hired Quick Business Resolutions in the nick of time! Our business was growing quickly and we needed support. When we started with Codi and her team, we had no idea how much they could do for us. From simple admin work like making a hotel reservation to managing our invoicing, accounts receivables, and putting together the best presentations we have ever done, we have become so much more efficient and organized. Those everyday tasks that need done but previously piled up or got put off because they are time consuming seem to simply happen seamlessly and effortlessly now that Quick Business Resolutions is managing them for us. Codi has also helped us to step up our technology, integrating some great apps into our work. Frankly, Codi is so integrated and valuable to API that we forget she is not our employee.”

“I contacted Codi because I am trying to launch a new business. Codi’s team was referred to me by several people including my business coach, who only said amazing things about her! I am a hypnotherapist and needed serious help managing with my list building, product launches, email, my website, Yelp page, and social media sites. Codi had her work cut out for her when I contacted her. I had let the inbox on my email get immensely out of hand. It took her a long time to weed through it and now I have a very manageable inbox. Codi is also very fast and will get back to you right away. Her whole team is personable, quick, and really knows what she is doing. I feel so grateful I have found Codi and QBR! It brings me so much peace and comfort knowing they arethere to support me and my business. I always know she will help me take my business to the next level.”

Beth Osmer -
Refind Healing

“When we were feeling too overwhelmed with all of the tasks that can bog down our business, we reached out to Quick Business Resolutions. They were really able to lighten our load in several area, including administrative and technology.

I was beyond pleased with how responsive and willing to learn and adapt to our business QBR was. 

They all were very relational and willing to work with me and go through iterations to get tasks completed just the way I like it. 

She took the time to know our business.

When something goes wrong she makes sure it gets fixed, and she works great with last-minute crisis issues.

Codi is always willing to share marketing ideas and best practices. She is always knowledgeable about latest trends and ideas that would fit our business.”

Cris Marie Campbell- Thrive! Inc.


“As my business was growing I was becoming overwhelmed and engulfed in the day to day operations. Codi has such a breadth of skills, I could confidently hand over many administrative tasks to her.  She is fast, efficient and always there when I need her.  Since I have been working with her I now have more time to what I love most, coaching!”

Sherrie Toews Effortless Momentum

““I am a website designer. My business is hard to schedule – client issues are often urgent and rarely scheduled in advance. Codi has helped manage the inbound emails and help out with some WordPress maintenance. She is always prompt, courteous and accurate. I have also been happy to recommend her to some of my clients. I am very grateful for her help.”

Abigail Gorton - 
Abigail Gorton Websites

Jenny Showalter

“I’ve had the pleasure of working directly with Codi and the QBR team and am constantly amazed by their professionalism and efficiency. They are always helping us reach the next level in our business practices and conquer our technical issues. Every interaction is enjoyable. QBR handles the details of doing business so we can stay focused on our clients.