Likely 70% or More of Your Website Users are on a Mobile Device

Is Your Website Designed to be Viewed on Mobile?

Mobile-Friendly Website Audit

You work hard to have a great website. But can your potential clients even read it? Or find what they are looking for on your site? Not being mobile friendly means they leave your website quickly and don't convert to clients. We all know attention spans aren't what they used to be. People get frustrated quickly and want to be find what they are looking for very easily.

We will check key areas of the user experience as well as some tech pieces and deliver you a simple, easy-to-understand report back to you with our findings and recommendations for your site. It will give you insight to what your clients are seeing.

Not being mobile friendly kills
potential relationships and income.

Bonus Time!

There are tons of consultants and coaches out there who can tell you what to do, but then you are still left to find someone to do it. The unique part of QBR is that we can help you with the ideas and the implementation. 

You get to choose what to do with the information provided to you, but if you would like to implement any ideas or make changes, please feel free to reach out.

You cannot go wrong hiring Codi and her team. I use them extensively and my business life got so much better the moment I did! I feel free to have a business, not in the thick of it. I trust her with my entire operation, which is about as good a testimonial as I can give anyone.​​​​

Elizabeth Doherty Thomas

Elizabeth Doherty Thomas

Co-Founder  of The Doherty Relationship Institute

QBR has such a breadth of skills, I could confidently hand over any tasks to her admin and tech.  She is fast, efficient and always there when I need her.  Since I have been working with her I now have more time to what I love most, coaching!

Sherrie Towes

Effortless Momentum

“I’ve had the pleasure of working directly with Codi and the QBR team and am constantly amazed by their professionalism and efficiency. They are always helping us reach the next level in our business practices and conquer our technical issues. 

Jenny Showalter

Jenny Showalter

Aviation Personnel International

Codi Quick and QBR

QBR is a one-stop shop for small businesses. We have your needs covered in all the areas of business, including administrative support, digital marketing, SEO, graphic design, websites, and much more. Have Questions? Email Codi at