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Facebook’s 2018 Algorithm & How It Might Be Killing Your Reach

It’s no secret that Facebook made some major changes this year with the but learning what those changes are and how they will affect your business is easier said than done. I found myself creating a Facebook post and wondering, “Am I using words that are going to hurt my reach?” What do you do when you have a question like that? You plug it into the Google machine! Only I couldn’t find just one article with all the information I was looking for. After going into full-blown research mode, I compiled the information on how the new algorithm will hurt your reach and some alternative ways to say, “like my post!”

Engagement bait, what the heck is that?

Engagement bait posts are the posts we see that blatantly say things like “Share if you agree!” or “Tag a friend who does this!” There are five types of engagement baits including:

1.    Share

2.    React (i.e., like, love, laugh)

3.    Comment

4.    Tag

5.    Vote

Using these words will for sure kill your post reach! Facebook as high-tech bots that look for engagement baits and pushes those posts to the bottom of the list, which in turn lowers your reach. It doesn’t stop there; Facebook is also continuously watching for clickbait stories. These are the common articles we see with titles like, “She Looked Under the Bed and Saw THIS…” that leave you wondering “What did she see?!”

The other type of clickbait Facebook is actively demoting is video clickbait. These are the posts that look like videos, but when clicked on they take you to a different webpage. Facebook is going to do their best to make sure you stay on Facebook and are not linked out.

What words will potentially hurt your reach?

Here is a list of words (at least as far as I can tell) that can potentially get your post demoted:

  • App
  • Buy
  • Comment
  • Coupon
  • Deal
  • Discount
  • Download
  • Follow
  • Free
  • Freebie
  • Giveaway

  • Install
  • Offer
  • Promo
  • Promotion
  • Sale
  • Sample
  • Save
  • Share
  • Shop
  • Sweepstake(s)
  • Win

What words can I use on Facebook?

Now that we have eliminated almost all the words you use to promote your business, let's talk about some great alternatives you can use.


  • Show your support.
  • Who’s with me?
  • All in favor?
  • Who agrees?
  • How many of you…
  • Anyone else?
  • Who’s ready?
  • Who’s excited?
  • Can you relate?
  • Thumbs up if…
  • Show some love.
  • Show your support.


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  • Spread the word.
  • Tell a friend.
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Now that you’re a pro at the 2018 Facebook algorithm you better get to posting and promoting your business! If you’re still feeling uneasy about the idea of maximizing your Facebook post reach, then check out QBR’s Social Media Marketing package to get your business up and posting!