Update Your Marketing Strategy to Include Facebook Ads to get FOCUSED EXPOSURE to Your Audience.

Facebook ads management

You likely have heard that Facebook has made many new changes to the algorithm they use to show posts. The platform has become a "pay-to-play" meaning that much of what you post on your business page won't get seen unless you are putting money toward ads.

Customer Acquisition

Brand Awareness


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Elizabeth Doherty Thomas

Elizabeth Doherty Thomas

You cannot go wrong hiring Codi and her team. I use them extensively and my business life got so much better the moment I did! I feel free to have a business, not in the thick of it.


  • 3 months of targeted ads
  • Monthly report showcasing ad results
  • Customized approached with someone watching over your ads and adjusting them as needed

QBR will take control of your strategy

Have experienced marketers looking at your ads consistently, making real-time changes to get your better results. NO more "set it and forget it" mentality. You get a simple report to show you how the ad is doing, and we do the hard part for you. We will set up the ads, monitor them and tweaks as needed to help drive local traffic to your website.

Our Facebook Ads Strategy  diagnoses and executes on ad strategies that align Facebook with your unique business objectives. The ads will be geo-targeted to those near you.


  • $250 dollar set-up fee-one-time only charge includes
  • Image creation 
  • Setting up of your ad account 
  • Any other admin needed to know your exact audience
  • $500/month for three months includes
  • Simple monthly report-nothing overwhelming , just easy-to-read data showing you how the ad is doing
  • $275 in ad spend-this is the amount we will spend on your ads. Depending on you your unique needs, this will be divided between traffic-driving ads, boosted posts, and brand awareness campaigns.
  • $225 flat-fee management fee

You are committing to three months of ad management. $500/month plus $250 first month for set-up fee.

Codi Quick and QBR

QBR is a one-stop shop for small businesses. We have your needs covered in all the areas of business, including administrative support, digital marketing, SEO, graphic design, websites, and much more. Contact us if you have further questions.