Separately brilliant. Collectively genius.

Our team is a multidisciplinary group of professional business specialists, administrative assistants, customer service pros, graphic designers, marketers, coders, writers, techies, and incredibly nice human beings. Our skill sets intentionally juxtapose each others allowing us to collaborate, problem solve, and innovate in ways we simply couldn’t do if we were all the same. Ultimately, we all share the common voice of QBR, which means that all of our abilities are at your disposal. Instead of getting a specialized virtual assistant for every task, you have the skill sets of several wonderful people who work together to give you the best product possible while taking more off your plate.

Codi Quick
CEO of Necessity
Billy Quick
Director of Increase
Michaela Heacox
Customer Happiness Specialist
Lucy Tapia
Pixel Pusher
William Sperling
div Decoder
Kayle Larkin
Digital Marketing Specialist